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This statement of intent encompasses our values and ethos of excellence. These underpin everything we aspire our pupils to achieve by the time they leave us at Woodlands Primary School.

We value our children as individuals with their own personal attributes for learning. Through our rich and engaging academic curriculum, we aim to broaden horizons and encourage our children to actively participate in the world around them; allowing them to develop the moral compass required to make positive choices to succeed and lead fulfilling lives with the highest of aspirations.

We believe that our curriculum is effective, ambitious, inclusive and offers a progression of knowledge, skills and understanding. It is personalised and reflects the experience of our pupils and their families. We facilitate learning in local and global contexts wherever possible, which is both appropriate and relevant.

We promote tolerance through the celebration of diversity in the world encouraging the children to embrace their individuality and unique qualities whilst showing compassion towards others.

The mental health of our children is of paramount importance and we seek to develop their resilience to ensure they flourish now and in the future.


At Woodlands, we teach a knowledge-rich curriculum, which is carefully sequenced, aims to inspire pupils, promotes excellent outcomes and facilitates lasting learning for all.

Our curriculum content is organised in a coherent way, ensuring children can build on their knowledge from year to year. In this way, the curriculum constructs firm foundations from which children can progress and develop deeper conceptual understanding and subject-specific skills.

Our curriculum embraces our local area, exposes our children to quality experiences and lessons, making children’s learning both relevant and memorable such as utilising Formby beach and the National Trust squirrel reserve. We also want our pupils to experience life outside of their own locality and to understand the diversity of the world in which we live.

To ensure every child is effectively included, supported and challenged, Woodlands’ quality first teaching is based on knowledge of our individual children.

Our Woodlands 5 encourages independent learning. Great learners at Woodlands:

  • Stick at it
  • Want to find out more
  • Work well by themselves and others
  • Know how to make their work better
  • Know how to approach problems

We use both formative and summative assessment to measure children’s learning and inform future planning and teaching.


At Woodlands we intend for our children to be academically, socially and emotionally prepared for the next phase of their education in the United Kingdom and the world.

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