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A message from our House Captains

Dear Parents and Carers,


On Friday 19th November 2021, we will be raising money for BBC Children in Need. They are a wonderful charity who raise money for over 3,900 charities and projects that support young children. They have improved the lives of many children and young people affected by disabilities, trauma, distress, poverty or illness. 

This year the school House Captains have chosen the theme of…


Everyone loves bears!


The costumes could range from simple headbands, such as the Pudsey headbands, face paints, or even a full on bear onesie or costume. If you wanted to get really creative you could dress up as: 

  • Pudsey
  • Blush
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Paddington
  • Rupert the Bear
  • Lotso (the creepy one from Toy Story 3)
  • Baloo
  • And many more!


If you would rather not dress up, then you can bring in a teddy bear instead. But sadly, even though everyone loves a good unicorn cuddly, we want you to bring in a bear teddy.


If you are not dressing as a bear, then you should wear school uniform.


There will be a small prize at the end of the day for each class for the most creative costume.  


We kindly request that you bring in £1 per child or £2 per family.


We wanted to tell you now so that you have plenty of time to prepare a costume should you want to. 


Thank you for supporting this brilliant charity.



Adam, Ella, Emma, George, Laura, Lotte, Seb & Thomas

The House Captains