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Autumn Newsletter 1 [Friday 3rd September]

Dear Parents & Carers


Welcome back! It’s been wonderful to have most of our children back in school – after only 2 days, the pupils in Y1 to Y6 have settled in brilliantly. As you are probably aware, since the summer break, we are not operating a system of phase bubbles. This means that we are able to have all the junior children on the playground at the same time for break, we are able to have both infant & junior children eating their lunch in the junior hall together &, after what seems like an eternity, we are able to hold whole school assemblies. It dawned on me yesterday, that our children who are now in Y1 have never had the pleasure(?!) of coming  to a whole school assembly before. [I know it’s lovely being able to see your big sister in the juniors but you really don’t have to turn around every 30 seconds to give her a wave…]


Next week our nursery children begin to return to school. Our reception classes (Red & Blue) are in for half days (mornings or afternoons) before starting full time the following week.


We are holding our parent information evenings over the next couple of weeks, so please try & make a space in your diary so you can find out all about the year ahead for your child. The class teachers will cover a range of topics: from the structure of the school day, to helping your child with their reading; from the topics to be covered during the year to the equipment your child will need; from our school rules to when the children are given homework. The teachers from individual year groups will also tell you about statutory assessments that your children will face during the year, e.g. Reception Baseline & Good Level of Development, Y1 phonics screening test, Y2 phonics screening test, Y2 SATs, Y4 Multiplication Tables Check & Y6 SATs. These meetings will be held on the following days:

  • Y1&2  (Green, Purple & Yellow classes)Tuesday 14 September 5pm-6pm [junior hall]
  • Y3&4 (3G, 3/4M & 4C) Wednesday 15 September  5pm-6pm [junior hall]
  • Y5&6 (5D, 5/6P & 6R) Thursday 16 September  5pm-6pm [junior hall]
  • Reception (Red & Blue classes) Wednesday 22 September 3.30pm-4,30pm [reception class]

I would like to remind you that drop-off & pick-up times are as follows:

  • Children to arrive at school for doors opening at 8.45am (when a member of staff will blow a whistle) – we expect the children to be in class, coats off, bags hung up by 8.50am.
  • Nursery drop-off is 9pm & 12.30pm
  • Nursery pick up is 11.30am & 3pm.
  • Infant classes (Green, Purple & Yellow) pick up is 3.10pm.
  • Junior classes (3G, 3/4M, 4C, 5D. 5/6P & 6R) pick up is 3.20pm.


I must say a big thank you to all the staff at Woodlands for ensuring the school is looking so good for the start of the academic year.


Take care

KD Williams



Last word

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“I just can’t help falling in love”

Thanks to Tim Vine