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Autumn Newsletter 12 [Friday 26th November]

Dear Parents & Carers


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we are planning on going ahead with our Christmas productions. That is still the case. However, with the prevalence of Covid-19 in Formby, we have made some alterations to those plans. For reception, Y1 & Y3&4, we will be holding two performances of each show & limiting the number of family members who can attend (details below). It’s 2 tickets in total – NOT 2 tickets for each performance. For nursery, we will also be limiting the number of family members who can attend. We will be sending out letters next week with booking slips attached. I know this may disappoint some families but we are aware of how close to Christmas these events are & wish to minimize the risk for pupils, families & staff alike.


Y1A Midwife Crisis’ Friday 10th December @9.00am & 2.00pm (2 tickets per family)

Y3&4 Christmas Carol Concert Wednesday 15th December @9.00am + Thursday 16th December @2.00pm (1 ticket per family)

Nursery Christmas Extravaganza Monday 20th December 2.00pm (1 family member can attend per child)

ReceptionTHE GREATEST SNOWMAN’ Tuesday 21st December @9.00am & 2.00pm (2 tickets per family)

Next week, we will also be sending out the dates for our Christmas parties, etc.


Here’s this week’s ‘nudges’ to help you talk to your children about their learning…



What are the characters in Little Red Riding Hood called?



Reception [Red & Blue]

How many squares & rectangles can you find around your house?



Y1&2 [Green, Yellow & Purple]

What can you tell me about Wales?

{Geography topic: ‘The British Isles’}


Y3&4 [3A, 3/4M & 4G]

Name & talk about the five classes of animals that are vertebrates?

{Science topic: ‘Classification’}


Y5&6 [5D, 5/6P & 6R]

What artistic technique did Brunelleschi [Brew-nell-es-ki] invent when working on the dome for Florence Cathedral?

{Art topic ‘Renaissance architecture & sculpture’}


I’m starting to sound like a broken record now; no classes achieved 100% in their attendance this week & our overall attendance has fallen further to at 92.6%.


We had 6 classes who had no late marks this week: Green, Yellow, 3/4M, 5D 5/6P, & 6R. There were 10 late marks across the whole school.


A Secret Santa reminder from the wonderful people of FOWSA:

Sales are open until Monday 29th November

£3.50 per gift (maximum of 2 gifts per child)

All details, including payment link, on school’s website

Secret Santa shopping day is Monday 6th December


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


KD Williams


Last word

How does Peppa Pig write secret messages?

With invisible oink.