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BBC Children in Need 2018

What a brilliant day we’ve had for BBC Children in Need; this year’s house captains’ fancy dress theme was History. What an amazing array of outfits: from Stone Age humans to Neil Armstrong, from Cleopatra to Florence Nightingale, from Amelia Earhart to Sir Edmond Hillary - the whole of history was on display!


There were several gangs of marauding Vikings roaming across the playgrounds, numerous Albert Einsteins discussing the theory of relativity & an army of Suffragettes demanding votes for women. The Mona Lisa was on display in a decorative frame, a few WWI biplanes came into land throughout the day & the famous Mexican artist Freda Kahlo popped into to paint a portrait or two.


Thank you to everyone who had a part in making the children look so wonderful. We’ve had a great day & hopefully raised a good amount of money for a fabulous charity.