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Cheerio, Farewell & Goodbye

It’s always sad when members of staff leave school; today we have 3 valued members of Woodlands’ team finish as we break for Christmas.


Firstly, Mrs Baker, who has been a TA at Woodlands for the past 4 years; she is a kind, caring person who is a great role model for the children in her care. We are sad to see her go but know that she will be thrilled to be able to spend more time with her beautiful daughter. Mrs Baker will be missed greatly by all members & staff & all the children.


Mrs Bullen has been a Lunchtime Welfare Assistant (that’s a dinner lady in old money) at Woodlands for the past 18 years. She has looked after hundreds of children: mopping up spilled drinks; cleaning grazed knees; making sure everyone is playing happily on the playground. Most importantly for the children, she has ensured they get in for their lunch on time! Thank you Mrs Bullen for the great care you’ve taken of the pupils at Woodlands come rain, hail or shine. You will be missed.


Finally, everyone at Woodlands would like to pass on our thanks to Josh from Formby Hockey Club for coaching our junior pupils so well over the past few years. He has been so patient, dedicated, patient, knowledgeable, patient & enthusiastic. Did I mention that Josh shows great patience with the children?! We will miss Josh on a Wednesday afternoon & wish him all the best for the future.