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Children's University Graduation @Edge Hill Uni

I've just copied the transcript of the presentation four of our children gave at this wonderful ceremony celebrating the graduation of our Y2 & Y6 children from Children's University. It'll give you a flavour of what the event was about. We hope you enjoy the photos too.


I like being part of Children’s University because it encourages learning outside of the classroom. I mean, I know long division is important, but it’s not going to get your heart racing…


Learning how to use the passive voice or a fronted adverbial helps you to be a good writer but to be honest it’s not really something we’re going to remember in our old age…


We know that academic subjects are important & have to be a major focus for schools – but it’s wonderful that the Children’s University is rewarding children for their learning beyond the classroom.


The range of learning experiences Woodlands pupils have gained credits for is incredible:


from ascending climbing walls to descending to Underwater Street;


from meeting new friends at Acorn Farm to finding out about the past at the Maritime Museum;


from visiting places on our doorstep, like the National Trust at Formby, to travelling to places further afield, such as the Interactive Science Museum in Cardiff.


The Children’s University encourages children to take part in activities outside the normal classroom situation.


It’s been proved that these activities actually have a positive impact on children’s attainment in class.


From the outside it may look as though we’re “only” climbing, but in reality we are building self-confidence & resilience. This will help us back in class with our academic work.


We would like to tell you about something we both got up to out of school


Hannah & I spent every Wednesday evening going to Brownies together


We did a lot of fun activities & gained many badges for them. One of the badges we worked for was the Friends to Animals badge; we visited Pets at Home & had Helping Dogs come into one of our meetings.


We also had an adventure at CHET Activity Centre where we completed an assault course, did a blind-folded walk & slept in dorms with our friends.


At the end of Brownies, we had a leaving party for those of us who were going to Guides; we got to plan our own party & it was extremely fun – we chose a bow theme.


It is great to be rewarded by the Children’s University for fun activities that we enjoy taking part in.


John & I went to Awesome Walls climbing centre.


Where we did clip & climb


& the kids club


It certainly was AWESOME!


And we got Children’s University credits for doing it too!


Children also gain credits for attending clubs within school too. At Woodlands we have a range of clubs:


From netball to dance,


from football to EcoClub,


from choir to judo – there are too many to mention them all.


The next time you see a child going to a gardening club, remember they’re not just weeding or planting. They’re having a positive experience, they’re engaged in what they’re doing building relationships, they’re doing something with meaning & they are achieving.


This is what Children’s University encourages – learning outside of the classroom.


Thank you for listening