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Dear Year 6...

Dear Year 6,


I’d just like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done, not just in this last week, but throughout the whole year. You have been guinea pigs, not the small rodents from South America, but ‘a person (or thing) used for an experiment’.  You were the first Y6 pupils to sit these new end of year tests so nobody really knew what to expect – it’s been quite tricky at times. You have risen to this challenge magnificently and Mrs Dempster & Miss Pickford could not have been more impressed with your attitude – no matter how hard the going has got you have shown you can follow the “Woodlands’ 5”. Our great learners show that they:

  • know how to make your work better (going back, checking answers, ensuring you’ve produced your best)
  • work well by yourself & with others (you’ve been completely focussed throughout every test)
  • want to find out more (tho’ after the reading paper, I think we’ve enough info on dodos for a wee while!)
  • know how to approach problems (keeping calm, thinking tricky questions through to find the answer)
  • stick at it (the reading paper alone was a wonderful example of you not giving up)

Mind you, you’ve achieved this week in, week out – not just these past 4 days.


I wanted to remind you that while we want you to do as well as you can in the SATs, they are not the only way you are judged as a person; there is so much more to you than reading, grammar, spelling & maths.


I wish there was a SAT in working well with others or maybe one that judged how honest you are. It would be great if your ability to look after your friends when they’re feeling down was given a mark and then sent off to the Department for Education. There should be a SAT that tells people just how well you keep going when things are difficult or one that shows how well you can keep thinking positively when times are tough.


How about a SAT that shows how well you stand up for what you believe in? Standing up to people who behave in a way that puts other people down and making sure that everyone is treated equally.


Maybe they should have a SAT that measures your ability to tell really good jokes to make people laugh. Maybe they should have a SAT that measures your ability to tell really bad jokes to make people laugh.


SATs in reading, grammar & maths just measure a tiny bit of what makes you who you are.


The SATs don’t even measure how well you can do in other ‘educational’ subjects: the brilliance of some of you when it comes to singing or playing a musical instrument; the phenomenal skill & understanding you show when using information technology; the grace & power you show through your dancing; the way you have practised your Cruyff turn over & over again, so you can completely bamboozle the opposition; the ability to speak a second language fluently; the exquisite paintings, sketching & drawing you produce in art (or the back of your jotter!); the hours you have spent perfecting your handspring in gymnastics. The list could go on & on & on … on & on & onon & on & onon & on & onon & on & on on & on & on … on & on & on …


Of course we want you to do as well as you can do in your SATs – you deserve to do well. However, we are proud of you because of who you are as a person, not just because you get good marks in tests.


Thank you all again for your hard work this year, you’re the best guinea pigs I know.


KD Williams

R Dempster

R Pickford

C Hughes


& all the Woodlands Staff