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Half a Tonne of Happiness!

On Thursday 15th of October, Woodlands' House Captains visited Southport Foodbank to learn about how they help people in need of food, toiletries and much more.

The first thing we did was weigh the food donated to our Harvest Appeal at school – more than half a tonne in total! The reason that we had to weigh all the food and drinks is so that Southport Foodbank know how much food has come in from each donor. They also weigh the food on the way out to prove to people that they have given the food to others.

We then labelled all the food using different coloured stickers to show the month and year that the food goes off. This was hard work, but good fun, and we were rewarded with a drink and some food. Afterwards we got a guided tour around the rest of the Foodbank; we met the manager of the Food Bank who told us about the food parcels 7 the type of people who need their help – recently more & more families have had to use the Foodbank.

 Finally we packed up 3 days’ worth of food for the some of the clients. The packing was very hard and took quite a while. We got a list which had different items of food on that we had to pack into the bags we were given.

Our trip was amazing and we would all love to go again!

Thank you to everyone for their generous donations to such a wonderful charity.

Another thank you to Mrs Evans from the Foodbank for showing us how every was done.


The House Captains