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Hello, Home Learning Update & Mr Williams' Challenge (Part II)

Dear Parents/Carers


Another week of home learning is nearly at an end – I hope you are all are managing to fill your days – at least the weather has been kind so far.


If you get a chance when you’re out for your daily exercise, walk past school (Woodlands Road side) & see if you can do the following things:

  • read our message to the NHS;
  • spot Barney the Bear (from Green Class);
  • count how many rainbows are in the window;
  • count the rainbows hanging from the tree in the junior playground.

Everything you see there has been made by the children of the key workers who are attending Woodlands – everything apart from Barney the Bear; he was not made by anyone & was actually adopted by Miss Morgan when she spotted him wandering aimlessly around in the wee small hours after a night out at the Baltic Triangle in town.


School will continue to be open through the Easter holidays for the children of key workers – we are so pleased to be able to help people with vital roles continue be able to get to work.


From Monday 20th April (what would have been the first day back to school after the Easter break), Woodlands’ teachers will be changing the way the work is presented on each phase’s Home Learning page. They will be posting suggestions of a more structured home curriculum, with specific tasks to complete each week in English, maths & some foundation subjects. We hope this will be of help to the children (& parents!) as we move into what would have been the summer term.


HOME LEARNING ALERT! Here’s a real-life maths problem/puzzle for the whole family. When the world returns to some sort of normality, and the next Merseyside derby is played, how many handshakes will happen between the players in the starting line-ups (no subs)? The answer is not zero - I am assuming that the players will be able to shake hands by then & they will shake hands with everyone on their own team & the opposition. So 11 players shaking hands with each other, how many handshakes in total? Be careful, there is a catch… Please send photos of your workings & answers to the emails below – feel free to decorate in your favourite team’s colours.


Make sure you visit the Class Pages on our school website where you’ll be able to see lots of photos of what your children’s class mates have been up to during this enforced break from Woodlands.


Thank you for all the wonderful photos of your children taking part in the first of Mr Williams’ Challenges – it was great to see how they fared making the ‘towers’ out of newspaper & tape – there were plenty of amazing efforts. This ‘challenge’ was meant to be a bit of fun & I’d like to thank the overwhelming majority of parents who accepted it in the spirit that it was set.


This weekend, for Mr Williams’’ Challenge Part II, I’d like your children to produce a portrait of their favourite character from a book – they can work in whatever medium they want: paint, felt tips, collage, modelling clay, pencil, charcoal, chalk, etc. Please send any photos of the pictures to the phase emails (below) & we’ll put them on the website. We’re all missing the children terribly, so it’s great to see what they’re up to.


Take care

Keith Williams


EYFS: Nursery, Red Class & Blue Class

Key Stage 1: Green Class, Purple Class & Yellow Class

Lower Key Stage 2: 3DR, 3/4A & 4G

Upper Key Stage 2: 5D, 5/6P & 6R