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HELP! Tesco Bags of Help

We are thrilled to announce that we have been accepted on Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’ initiative! You will be able to vote in Tesco stores to help us gain funding for a much-needed project.


Our Project:

Woodlands Green Spaces for All. “A fun, all-weather, year-round, multi-purpose area to promote school & wider community use of green space for regular exercise, play & training.”

We are looking to provide an all-weather surface to allow our children to complete their Woodlands’ Mile runs on the school field whatever the conditions underfoot.


Our project (along with the other two successful projects in our region) will go forward to a vote in Tesco stores where customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop.


Voting will take place from Wednesday 1st March to Saturday 29th April. The project with the highest number of votes across our region will receive up to £5,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000.


Please encourage as many people as you can to shop at Tesco & vote for Woodlands Green Spaces for All: Auntie Ethel, your next door neighbours, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Spot the Dog, George’s Grandma, Mrs Trunchbull at Number 16, Horrid Henry, Arnold from the newsagents, your perfect cousin Kevin, Major Tom, Thomas the Tank Engine, Miss Honey from the little cottage down the road, all your family, all your friends & anyone else you know!


Thank you for your support.


King regards,

KD Williams