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Home-learning during lockdown

Dear Parents & Carers


As you are aware, Woodlands will be closed to most pupils until at least after February half term. We will only be open for our vulnerable pupils & the children of critical workers.


School maybe closed but we are keen to make sure that your children’s learning does not stop – we know the harm the lockdown in March 2020 had on your children’s progress. We have ensured that our teachers will be able to guide your children’s learning from the very start of this lockdown. Assuming that requests for in-school supervision do not escalate beyond what we are anticipating, Woodlands’ teachers will be able to provide high quality remote learning, including live feedback, for all pupils.


It is vital that your children access these online lessons. We know that this lockdown is in place for at least 7 weeks – your children cannot afford to miss out on anymore educational opportunities. We expect every child to access the work that is posted online for them. Teachers are legally obliged to tell me which children are not engaging with every lesson & I, in turn, are legally obliged to find out why these children are not accessing their learning. We do not want you to tell your children they can access BBC Bitesize or any other learning platform. Woodlands’ teachers know your children best & will ensure that the work set matches your child’s ability. This work is not optional. If your child does not engage with the home-learning set I will be contacting parents to find out why.


Home-learning for Woodlands’ Nursery

Our nursery staff will be posting a range of activities for you to carry out with your children on the class pages of the school website


Home-learning for Reception [Red & Blue classes]

Our reception staff will be posting work on the school website too; they are sending a separate ParentMail to reveal all! Reception children will be required to post some work on to Google Classroom; if you phone the school office they will be happy to provide you with your child’s password & school email address (although we are a phone line down at the moment so please be persistent).


Home-learning for Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Children in Y1 to Y6 will be accessing home-learning entirely through Google Classroom; you may remember we introduced this in the autumn term for this very reason. Your child’s class teacher will briefly welcome their children each morning at 9am using Google Meet. They will outline the work that has been set for that day. So for instance, the first lesson could be a written task with a video to watch. Your child will then be set a task to carry out using Google Classroom – if they are accessing this lesson at the allotted time their teacher will be able to comment in real time on the work they are carrying out – either giving praise or tips as to how to improve their work further. Children can access these lessons at any time but their teacher will only be able to guide them if they are completing the task at the time set by the teacher. Your children would be able to message their teacher for guidance or assistance – please remind your children that this is an educational platform & therefore any comments should reflect this – it is not a chat room. Parents should not use this platform to contact teachers. Any work submitted by 2pm will be marked that day, work submitted after this time will be marked in due course. Teachers will be online each day from 9am to 12pm (the rest of the day will be spent marking & preparing work for the following day); each day they will post an English lesson, a maths lesson plus another lesson (e.g. reading, history, geography, science, etc.


As I have stated previously, it is so important that your children engage with this learning. If you feel they need a wee bit of ‘cajoling’ from a member of Woodlands’ staff please just let us know – I’ll be happy to come round talk to them from the end of the drive!


If you have an insurmountable barrier preventing your child accessing our online learning please contact the school office 01704 876444 /


Thank you for your support,


Keith Williams