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Home learning - thank you!

Dear Parents & Carers


I just wanted to say thank you to all those of you who have accessed our home-learning this morning – we appreciate how difficult this must be, especially for those of you working from home, with limited access to IT equipment or with more than one child trying to work online.


Please keep trying – it will get easier! If you are having any technical difficulties that we can help with please contact the school office (01704 876444 / & we will pass these on to your child’s teacher who will hopefully be able resolve any issues.


You can access Google Classroom through any device that connects to the internet: laptop, PC, tablet, phone, smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.


Follow the link to find out how to access Google Classroom on Xbox & Play Station


We know there will be some issues that need ironing out, but as I stated in my home-learning ParentMail yesterday, it is so important that we make sure all our children continue to engage with their learning every single day.


Remember, your child’s teacher (Y1 – Y6) will be online, able to give real-time assistance to your child, from 9am to 12am each day. Your child can complete the work at a different time & submit it when they’re done.


A couple of Y6 parents have asked if the KS2 (Year 6) SATs are going to be held this summer. So far we have heard nothing from the government about this; if Gavin Williamson stays true to form he will probably cancel them the day before they are due to be taken in May… We will let you know if & when we hear anything about this.


If you have an insurmountable barrier preventing your child accessing our online learning please contact the school office 01704 876444 /


Yours sincerely

KD Williams