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IMPORTANT: allergy reminder

Dear Parents & Carers




At Woodlands we have several pupils with nut allergies & would like to ensure that we keep them safe in school.


We would kindly request that people do not send any food into school that contains nuts e.g. cereal bars, peanut butter sandwiches or even just nuts themselves. This includes packed lunches.


I would also request that you remind your children that they should not share their food with others either from their packed lunch or hot dinner.


Children in our Reception Classes (Red & Blue) & Y1&2 (Green, Purple & Yellow) are provided with fruit or vegetables at morning break.


Children in Y3-Y6 are allowed to bring in a snack to eat during morning break. We ask that, like the infants, this is fruit or vegetables. Not a snack that is derived from fruit/vegetables (e.g. fruit winders, fruit string, etc.), but an actual vegetable (e.g. carrot sticks) or a piece of fruit.


I hope you can support us in looking after our pupils & encouraging them to make healthy choices.


Yours sincerely

KD Williams