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Newsletter 14 [Friday 11th December]

Dear Parents/Carers


You may have seen in the press this week that the Department of Education have announced that schools are able to close to pupils on Friday 18 December & use the day as an INSET day. We will not be doing this – we will be open as normal (but with an early finish time – see below). For one thing, it is far too short notice to expect parents to change their childcare arrangements & for another, we have already planned how to use our INSET days for the rest of this academic year.


Christmas is rapidly approaching, but the children are still hard at work! Here’s this week’s questions / talking points to use as a nudge when you’re talking to your children about this week’s learning (“Alexa, who was General Wolfe?”):



Can you tell me the story of the first Christmas when baby Jesus was born?

{‘The Nativity’}


Reception [Red & Blue]

Can you name some of the places Stick Man travelled to before going home to the family tree?

How did he get home?

{‘Stick Man’ Julia Donaldson & Alex Scheffler}


Y1&2 [Green, Yellow & Purple]

What are the benefits of having a school dog?



Y3&4 [3A, 3/4M & 4G]

Can you explain the functions of the different types of teeth in your mouth?

{Science topic: ‘Teeth & Digestion’}


Y5&6 [5D, 5/6P & 6R]

Tell me about General Wolfe’s victory in the Battle of Quebec.

{History topic: ‘The British Empire’}


This week we have only had 1 class achieve 100% in their attendance this week – congratulations to Miss Pickford’s class 5/6P.


We only had 3 classes who had no late marks this week: Blue Class, Yellow Class & 4G. There were 31 late marks across the whole of the school, with 16 of these coming from Green Class. We are trying to keep the total number of late marks for the whole school in single figures…


Next week’s Christmas events (#bubléfreechristmas) are as follows:


Our nursery class will be having different Christmas activities each day throughout the week


Tuesday 15 December:

Reception (Red & Blue) + Y1&2 Christmas parties*


Wednesday 16 December:

Woodlands’ Christmas dinner** (5 house points per sprout eaten!)


Thursday 17 December:

Y3&4 + Y5&6 Christmas parties*


Friday 18 December:  

Early Finish: please pick your children up from class between 1.45pm & 2.00pm.


*Your children can come to school in their party clothes on the day of their party.

**Unfortunately, we cannot allow children to bring in crackers to pull with their friends this year.


The children had a lovely time today wearing something festive for FOWSA’s Mufti day – there were lots of Christmas jumpers on display, a surfeit of Santa hats & the occasional elf could be seen wandering around school (in a socially distanced manner). I would like to thank FOWSA for their unrivalled ability to fundraise even during these extraordinary times – it never ceases to amaze me how they can dream up such novel ideas – who’d have thought ‘Coin Wars’ would have been such a success? One of my favourite FOWSA events was their recent photography competition; the entries were of such a high standard. Follow the link to see the ‘winning’ entries:

I would also like to thank FOWSA for their support over the past year – Woodlands’ staff really appreciate the time & effort this small band of parents put in – we’d be lost without you. Keep an eye out in the New Year – FOWSA will be launching a recruitment drive!


Just a reminder that we set up an emergency contact email address for you to inform school of a positive Covid-19 test for a member of your household. This email address should be used for this purpose only & will be monitored up to 8pm each weekday evening & at 4 points over a weekend (approximately 12pm & 6pm). It will be monitored on the run up to Christmas Day. We would need to know which member of your household had tested positive &, if it was a child who is pupil at Woodlands, the date & time of when they took the test that gave a positive result.

This email address can also be found on the Contact Details page of our school website. In the case of a positive test, please phone the school office & leave a message [01704 876444].


Have a lovely weekend.


KD Williams



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How does a snowman get to work?

By icicle