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Newsletter 15 [Friday 18th December]

Dear Parents/Carers


We have some positive news to finish 2020 with. The numbers of pupils in Woodlands’ nursery class have been increasing so much so, since it opened in September 2017, that we’re rapidly running out of space! Along with our governing body, we made the decision to increase the capacity of the nursery. You may have noticed Mr Inskip hard at work in the space that was our community & music room – the 2 classrooms on your right when you approach the school office. He has taken down stud walls to open up the rooms into one big space – it is going to be a fantastic area for our youngest children to learn in. A new ‘outdoor classroom’ for nursery will be established at the front of the school site. Even though Mr Inskip is a fully-fledged superstar, he is working on his own (electrics aside), so we have pencilled in an opening date of April 2021. We feel that this will be a marvellous development for Woodlands – it will make our Early Years provision even better - I know that our reception teachers are really looking forward to adapting their outdoor classroom space for the sole use of Red & Blue classes. The current nursery classroom will become the new community room.


Your children have simply been brilliant since they returned to school – they have taken any changes to school routines in their stride & have happily settled down to work from the get-go. The eagerness which they have approached their learning has been wonderful to see. Woodlands’ staff have been impressed with their attitude & enthusiasm towards school throughout this term – their behaviour has been excellent too. They deserve a well-earned rest over the next couple of weeks!


I would like to thank you, as parents & carers, for your understanding & support since our return to school in September. You have accepted the changes to school routines & procedures with good grace & have embraced any new initiatives whole-heartedly, e.g. our telephone parents evening, filmed versions of our reception & Y1 Christmas shows, etc. I would also like to give a heart-felt ‘thank you’ to everyone who wears a mask whilst on the school site. I know people would rather not wear them but our staff are very grateful to all of you who do.


I will be forever grateful to the staff at Woodlands for being so supportive since we returned to school in September - from teachers to TAs, from our office staff to Mr Inskip (site manager), from our LWAs (dinner ladies) to our cooks in the kitchen – not forgetting Paddy on our crossing patrol. They have all taken everything that’s been thrown at them without complaint & they have ensured that your children’s return to school has been seamless.


Thinkuknow have published a short guide for parents to help them keep their children safe online over the Christmas break (follow the link below).


Please encourage your children to read over the Christmas break – if they say they don’t like reading it’s just because they haven’t found the right books to read yet. There are so many wonderful books & wonderful authors who write about anything & everything – there’s no excuse not to read. It’s so important to your children’s understanding, knowledge & development.


Don’t forget, we have an INSET day on Monday 4 January so we’ll see you all again on Tuesday 5 January 2021!



Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year on behalf of all the staff at Woodlands.


KD Williams



Last Word

What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?
A Christmas quacker!



A reminder of the emergency contact email address for you to inform school of a positive Covid-19 test for a member of your household. This email address should be used for this purpose only & will be monitored up to 8pm each weekday evening & at 4 points over a weekend (approximately 12pm & 6pm). It will be monitored on the run up to Christmas Day. We would need to know which member of your household had tested positive &, if it was a child who is pupil at Woodlands, the date & time of when they took the test that gave a positive result & when they first displayed any symptoms.

This email address can also be found on the Contact Details page of our school website. In the case of a positive test, please phone the school office & leave a message [01704 876444].