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Newsletter 8 [Thursday 22nd October]

Dear Parents/Carers


Well, that’s the first half term of the year completed. Our staff have been so impressed with all of the children since they returned to school – they have been a credit to their families. They have bounced into school each day, happy to see their friends & eager to learn too. Wonderful! [To be honest, we already knew how amazing your children were – this has just reinforced our opinion.].


If you have a child in Year 1 to Year 6, please make sure they have logged on to Google Classroom – it is vital that they do this, not only to be able to access ‘regular’ homework, but also to use it for home learning if we find ourselves in a ‘circuit breaker’ situation. Just to clarify, Google Classroom is an educational platform to be used by the children to complete the activities posted & for the child to communicate with their teacher in response to the tasks. It is not for parents to contact their child’s teacher (parents can contact their child’s teacher through the school office: 0170487644 / ). The children need to be completing the tasks, not their parents. We have already had a number of parents completing the tasks on behalf of their children – we know this because several tasks have been finished while the children were in school taking part in their games lesson… Also please check when & where tasks are meant to be completed – some tasks are set for the children to complete in school – please read the instructions carefully. Parents should not be sending messages to the children in their child’s class – this is unacceptable & could result in your child’s account being suspended.


Woodlands’ first ever ‘Coin Wars’ culminated this week - thank you to FOWSA for organising it. A truly staggering amount of money has been raised: £1290.57. Thank you to everyone who supported this event in any way. Each of the winning classes will be able to decide how they will spend the money they raised – the rest will help to swell FOWSA’s coffers. So huge congratulations to our 2 winning classes: Yellow Class, who collected an incredible £205.29 and the winning class in the juniors - 5/6P (raising a brilliant £157.64). Interesting fiscal decisions lie ahead… Special mentions to our reception classes who collected a healthy amount of play money along with the genuine coins & to 6R for having coins from the farthest-flung places in their collection – Australian Cents & Japanese Yen.


Please check out the Class Pages on our school website to see what your children have been up to during this half term.


Another way of finding out what your children have been learning (what a seamless link that is!) is to ask them this week’s questions / talking points:


What colours would you see in the woods during autumn? Why?

{‘On a Magical Do-Nothing Day’}


Reception [Red & Blue]

What activities did you do in the copse on your ‘Magical Do Nothing’ afternoon?

{English topic: ‘On a Magical Do-Nothing Day’}


Y1&2 [Green, Yellow & Purple]

What do you know about Linda Buck?

{Science topic: ‘Humans’}


Y3&4 [3A, 3/4M & 4G]

What are the benefits of getting out into the ‘great outdoors’?

{English topic: ‘On a Magical Do-Nothing Day’}


Y5&6 [5D, 5/6P & 6R]

Can you remember what the colours red, yellow, blue & green

represent in abstract, modernist art?

{Art topic: ‘Style’}


I would like to take thank all the staff at Woodlands for making the children’s return to school so smooth. As ever, whether they’re working in the classrooms, school office, lunch halls, playgrounds or kitchen, they have been absolutely wonderful! I am so fortunate to have such a dedicated staff.


Don’t forget it’s an INSET day tomorrow – we will see you all again on Monday 2nd November.


Have a great half term break, stay safe,

KD Williams



Last word

The children have been throwing Scrabble tiles at each other again.

It’s all fun & games until someone loses an i.