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Nursery drop-off times

Hi, it's me again


Sorry to be sending out yet another ParentMail, but it appears I have overlooked something - again!


In today's weekly newsletter, I advised you about the change to the fluid drop-off time in the mornings, where I have asked you to now drop your children off between 08:40 & 08:50.


I completely forgot about our nursery morning drop-off tme. This will also move 5 minutes earlier, so morning drop-off for nursery will now be 09:00.


Woodlands Nursery sessions now run from:

Nursery am: 9.00am – 11.30am

Nursery pm: 12.30pm – 2.50pm


I apologise for any confusion, sometimes I am over-enthusiastic & send the ParentMail before the Woodlands' proof-reading*/fact-checking/quality-control elves have had time to check the contents. They are not happy with me.


Take care

KD Williams



* The ParentMail version of this letter mispelt proof-reading as rroof-reading - I am going to be sent to the naughty step on Monday...