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Ofsted Report: January 2016

22nd January 2016


Dear Parents/Carers,


We are now in a position to share the report from our visit from Ofsted on 12th January 2016. Our visit was what is known as a ‘Section 8’ inspection, this was a one day inspection to judge whether the school was still classed as being ‘good’.


We are very pleased with the conclusions of Ms Olsson (HMI), our inspector; she was very thorough and did not leave a single stone unturned!


‘This school continues to be good.’


The inspection report is written by the inspector in the form of a letter to me as Headteacher (you can view this letter in full by clicking on the link at the end of this article) but have selected some quotes from the report to share here:


  • Teachers expect a lot; they set the bar high and help pupils to soar.


  • Pupils benefit from strong teaching day in and day out which is helping them to make better than expected progress.


  • Pupils consistently outstrip their peers in other schools in reading, writing and mathematics. Attendance is high for all groups of pupils. You are setting pupils up well for future academic success.


  • Pupils relish their many roles and take their responsibilities as school councillors, ‘Bully Busters’ and play leaders very seriously. They value the trust you place in them. They are excited about the difference they are making to school life.


  • The ‘Woodlands 5’ initiative has been instrumental in helping pupils to take greater ownership of their learning. By following this code, pupils are becoming resilient and curious learners, who can work by themselves to solve problems.


  • Checks on teaching are frequent and result in clear and accurate advice to help teachers improve. Teachers are supported effectively in their quest to become the best.


  • Members of the governing body have a good understanding of the school’s performance and how this compares to other schools in the country. Governors use data well to ask challenging questions about any areas of underperformance.


Thank you all again for your support throughout the inspection process; please pass on our thanks, from all the staff at Woodlands, to your children – they were magnificent, as always, and were the true ‘stars of the show’.


I’d just like to finish by thanking the staff & Governors at Woodlands. They continue to work extremely hard to ensure your children ‘soar’; such a positive Ofsted report is a true reflection of their dedication to school.



KD Williams




The full Ofsted report letter is available to read on our school website as of today:


The report is also available on the Ofsted website: