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Peer Massage

At the start of the school term, Woodlands' teachers & TAs had a wonderful day where they undertook ‘child2child’ peer massage training.


All our children will be trained to take part in a daily massage programme.  This is a child-to-child massage programme developed as an inclusive whole school strategy of promoting positive touch and clothed peer massage.  It has been shown to reduce stress, aggression and bullying which benefits learning and behaviour. Our intention is to help improve confidence and self-esteem.


The main elements of peer massage are summarised below:

  • peer massage is given by the other children to each other;
  • peer massage is given and received with the child’s permission;
  • all children ask permission from each other before they start and say “thank you” to their partner at the end (children do not have to participate);
  • the children are clothed and it is performed on the back, head, arms and hands only by children;
  • 10 minutes daily;
  • the techniques are demonstrated by the instructor (class teacher) on another adult in the class (NOT on the children) or 2 children will demonstrate;
  • peer massage is undertaken under adult supervision;
  • children are welcome to demonstrate the techniques they have learned on their parents at home.


Benefits of peer massage:

  • Children become calmer and have improved concentration
  • Children have more confidence and increased self esteem
  • It teaches children to respect others and leads to social inclusion
  • There is a reduction in bullying and aggression
  • Emotional health improves
  • It empowers the child to be able to refuse a massage if they do not want to have one.
  • It encourages visualisation and kinaesthetic learning
  • It is fun