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Pods, classroom changes & a dandy highwayman

Dear Parents/Carers


11 weeks. It’s not that far off a quarter of a year.


We are gearing up for the return of more pupils back to Woodlands (in addition to our key worker / vulnerable children).


From 15th June, we will hopefully be welcoming pods of nursery & reception children back to school. Woodlands staff have been busy preparing the classrooms – they do look a bit different, but not like some of the quite stark images that some other schools have been posting online. Once your children do come into school, I don’t believe they will dwell on the fact that the rooms don’t look exactly the same as normal; children are more resilient then we give them credit for. If anyone is struggling or feeling a wee bit unsure, I can guarantee they will be cared for by the staff at Woodlands – it’s what we do. It’ll be great to get more of our community back into school.


We’ll be in touch with parents of children in Year 1 early next week & then Year 6 parents sometime after that.


The headteachers who were present at Sefton’s ‘Silver Command’ meeting yesterday were told to remind their colleagues & parents in their schools that 15th June is the earliest possible return date for schools in Sefton. The Local Authority might move this date later if the infection levels remain high in Sefton.


I’m pleased to tell you that Mr Grant made it back to school on Monday in time to look after the key workers’ children - his Адуу must have been very quick indeed. He was very taken with this mode of transport, so much so that his next project involves a horse too. Since his return from the steppes of Mongolia, Mr Grant has taken on the persona of Dick Turpin, the 18th Century highwayman, who along with his horse ‘Black Bess’, terrorised the highways & byways of England until his execution (for horse theft) in 1739. Mr Grant has been seen striding around the playground with his long, black cloak trailing behind him, scarf pulled up over his nose, demanding sweets, biscuits & the occasional pork pie from unsuspecting members of our key worker group. The phrase “Stand & deliver!” has been echoing around Woodlands since the start of the week. One outrageous ‘stick-up’ was actually captured on camera (scroll down to the bottom of this letter to see).  This weekend, he’s going to be patrolling Formby beach & pinewoods from atop his mighty steed (Holly, our school chef, has kindly lent him one of the horses from her stable). Mr Grant does have an ulterior motive for all this thievery; he has a target list of items he wants to “liberate” from the general public: 500 bottles (plastic & glass), 800 cans, 50 disposable BBQs, 60 nappies, 1000 wet wipes… he feels if he “intercepts” these items before they get to the beach, there’ll be less rubbish left on our wonderful coastline. You never know, it may just work…


Thank you again to everyone for being so understanding during these extraordinary times, we’d love to have everyone back in school as normal but it’s just not possible yet.


I thought you’d be interested to know that at the start of lockdown my dad, who’s 90, started walking 3 miles a day. 11 weeks on & I haven’t got a clue where he is…


Take care & stay safe

Keith Williams