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Pods: present & future

Dear Parents/Carers


14 weeks. 98 days. 2,352 hours.141,120 minutes. 8,467,200 seconds. 1 league title.


This week has seen seven pods of children from nursery, reception & Year 1 return to Woodlands. There were one or two anxious faces (mainly parents) as the children lined up to enter their classrooms for the first time since March, but as soon as they stepped inside the smiles returned. Within a couple of minutes, they were busy chatting away, caught up in what there was to do. Woodlands’ staff have been thrilled with the response of the children in their care.


We will be contacting the parents of children in Year 6 next week to see if they would like their children to return full time from Thursday 16 July to Wednesday 22 July.


I would like to thank everyone for their infinite patience with the situation we have found ourselves over the past 3 months – we are indeed living in unprecedented times. I know it has not been easy, & am fully aware that seeing other children return to school, when yours couldn’t, must have been frustrating. The government has released an outline of its proposals for the children returning to school in September. It seems, all children will be expected to return to Woodlands from Thursday 3 September. Further details will be released at a later date but at least we can look forward to having all our children back in together at the start of the autumn term in some sort of form.


Take care

Keith Williams