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Poetry Slam!

Congratulations to the boys from Y5 who performed magnificently in last night's Poetry Slam at Formby High School; your poem was outstanding & the performance was wonderful too!




Check out the video on the Y5&6 Class Pages


Be Brave!


Who is brave enough to stand up for what is right?

Rosa Parks was the first!

Martin Luther King, he too had the thirst.


Stand up for what?


Cleanse the world of

Social discrimination

Human contamination

An unfair abomination

Total non-communication

One colour domination


It's to easy to follow the crowd & hide that we are proud!

It's too easy to be shy & not let our beliefs fly!

It's too easy to watch others be sad & just pretend to be mad!


Stand up for what is right, don't be afraid to put up a fight.

Be brave & all we plead is that you stand up & fight for those in need!


Be brave!