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Reminder: absence during term time

Dear Parents & Carers


I just wanted to give you a quick reminder about children's absences during term time.


Headteachers are not be allowed to authorise absences during term time for family holidays in any circumstances. Headteachers may only authorise term time absence for an exceptional, once in a lifetime event. The application must be received prior to the event from the parent/carer with whom the pupil normally resides. Such an event could be for example a parent’s wedding, a close family funeral or attending the graduation ceremony of a parent/grandparent/sibling. It cannot, however, be anything that could be viewed as recreational or a holiday.


Penalty Notices for absence from school can be issued by the Attendance and Welfare Service based on requests from schools. A pupil has to be absent (unauthorised) from school for at least a minimum evidential requirement of 5 days in the current term and/or 9 days over two consecutive terms. Payment of a penalty within 21 days of receipt of the notice is £60 per parent per child. Payment after that time, but within 28 days of the receipt is £120 per parent per child.


Penalty notices can also be issued for the following reasons:

  • Truancy, including attendance and exclusion sweeps
  • Parentally- condoned absences.
  • Excessive delayed return from extended holidays
  • Persistent lateness after the register has closed.


For full details see our 'Attendance policy' which is availbale on request from the school office or from our school website.


Yours sincerely

KD Williams