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Return to School (January 2021)

Dear Parents/Carers


There has been a lot of speculation in the media over the re-opening of English primary schools after the Christmas break.


At the moment, I am happy to report that it looks as though Woodlands is able to welcome pupils back to school on Tuesday 5 January 2021. Senior leaders have made some adjustments to our risk assessment in view of rising cases locally and nationally, and I am confident we can re-open safely.


Please remind your children about handwashing and not touching their faces or each other as far as possible. Please maintain social distancing on the playgrounds, ensuring only one parent comes to drop off/collect each family (wearing a face covering unless exempt) and leaving the school site as promptly as possible.


You will be aware there is a national push to delay the start of term. This in itself would present difficulties for staff and parents in view of the short notice. If this happens, we will remain open for our vulnerable pupils (children who have an assigned social worker) and children of key workers - but only where BOTH parents (or the only parent) is a key worker. Staff shortages, and the requirement to provide some direct teaching, mean we cannot accommodate the large numbers we had last summer term. These pupils will be supervised in accessing remote learning by support staff where possible, leaving teachers free to deliver the teaching and provide feedback to all pupils.


I am hoping it will not come to this, as I firmly believe we can continue to offer face-to-face provision safely. However, national developments may take it out of our hands. I will be in touch as soon as possible should there be an announcement.


Thanks again for your continued support,

Keith Williams