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Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Dear Parents/Carers


17 weeks. That’s almost a third of a year. 119 days. 69 ‘regular’ school days. We’ve been open for 81 days since lockdown began. It’s been an absolute pleasure to help our key workers’ families get into work over this period.


Over the last week, we’ve said goodbye to the children in nursery, reception & Y1 who had returned to school on a part-time basis. It was encouraging to see just how quickly they adapted back to life at Woodlands. They had a wonderful time seeing their friends again & getting back into some sort of routine.


Y6 pupils came back to school yesterday. It was great to see them again – they were beaming at being reunited after such a long time. One or two seemed to be surprised to be awake at such an ungodly hour & others were bewildered to find themselves out of bed before noon. However, they settled down to work straight away & some of them have already held face to face transition meetings with staff from Range & Formby high schools. We’re so pleased that they can finish their time at Woodlands on a positive note.


The rewire of the junior end of the building has started in earnest, with the community room & the ‘music room’ swarming with workers. Once the children & staff have left school on 22 July, this work will encompass all of our junior classes. The refurbishment of some of the infant classrooms will begin then too.


Earlier this week, I sent home a summary of our plan for opening the school to all children in September. If anybody would like to read the plan in full, please follow the link below.


Just a reminder that the summer term finishes at 2pm on Wednesday 22 July for our Y6 pods & our key worker & priority children group.


Take care

Keith Williams



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