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Spring Newsletter 5 [Friday 5th February]

Dear Parents & Carers


Another week of home learning completed. Another week closer to when Woodlands can open to all of its pupils.


The teachers delivering our home learning have requested that I ask you to remind your children about the importance of watching the videos introducing the learning each day. These videos are of a high quality, either from White Rose (maths) or Oak Academy. They are being used by a vast number of schools across the country to guide children through their remote education. Each video sets the learning in context & explains the work to take place. Often, there are tasks for the children to complete as they’re watching – they will be asked to pause the video & have a go at the concept that’s being taught, e.g. short division, past tense, the theory of relativity, etc. Teachers are finding that some children are submitting the work so quickly that they couldn’t possibly have watched the video & carried out the tasks set during it. Other children are making errors in their work because they have not understood the task properly – the videos clearly explain the tasks & talk the children through what they have to do. The videos ensure that the children will have practised the concepts before tackling the main task. If the children simply go straight to the worksheet, they will not have full understanding of what to do. Please check that your children are not only watching these videos but pausing them when asked to tackle to mini learning tasks throughout them. If they are finishing their work quickly, it does not necessarily mean they have been producing the quality of work we know they are capable of.


EMTAS and the Modern Foreign Languages Team in School Improvement Liverpool have planned an action packed week to celebrate International Mother Languages Day with a series of online events available from 8 to 12 February. Why not join them for a week of lunchtime story sessions delivered in lots of different languages? The story sessions are suitable for children age 3 - 9 years. Children must be accompanied by a parent, carer or other supervising adult. I attached a programme of events to the ParentMail this newsletter was sent on..


In my newsletter just before the Christmas break, I told you that we are expanding Woodlands’ nursery, developing the Community Room & the classroom next door to it. Mr Inskip has been working like a Trojan: taking down walls, constructing new walls, soldering pipe work, installing sinks, plumbing toilets, moving kitchen units, plaster-boarding, etc. He’s doing all of this alongside his ‘day job’ – keeping the school running smoothly – we are so lucky to have him as our site manager. This whole project would not have been possible without him, we simply could not have afforded such an undertaking if we’d had to rely on outside contractors.


There’s just one week to go before the February term break. Hopefully, half term will give us all (children. parents/carers & staff) a chance to recharge our batteries before tackling one final bout of home learning. We know the Government has ear-marked Monday 8 March for schools to begin the process of returning to some sort of ‘normality’. We’ll simply have to wait for them to publish their plan on 22 February to find out what this will look like; we will let you know our plans as soon as they are finalised.


Thank you for all the hard work you have been putting in as families to ensure your children have been engaging with their home learning – the participation percentages for each class are phenomenal – the teachers are thrilled with everything you are doing. We know how difficult this must be for you – especially those of you trying to work as well as keeping an eye on your children’s learning. All the staff at Woodlands are appreciative of the time & effort this takes; they are grateful for all the support you give your children.


Take care

KD Williams


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Don’t spell part backwards.

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