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Spring Newsletter 9 [Friday 12th March]

Dear Parents & Carers


This is a shorter newsletter this week – I could wax lyrical for page upon page telling you how brilliant your children have been on their return to school on Monday, but I’ll simply give you the selected highlights… your children have been an absolute delight! From nursery to Year 6 they have come back to their classrooms with broad smiles on their faces & have been delighted to see their classmates again. They settled back seamlessly into the school routines & have impressed their teachers with their eagerness to continue their learning. Mornings have generally focused on moving forward with their reading, writing & maths, whereas the afternoons have centred on cooperative work, team-building, social skills, art, PSHE, the Woodlands’ Mile & so much more. The nursery children have played together brilliantly & have loved seeing their friends again – one of my favourite times to be in nursery is when they’re tidying up – they take it very seriously & everyone does their bit. They do such a brilliant job; no farm yard animal, reading book or Lego brick is left behind - I’m sure they are just like this at home… Our reception children have picked up where they left off in December – you’d have thought they’d never been away! They’ve been focusing on working as a team, social skills and taking turns. They’ve also been building a castle because they’ve been reading Jack & the Beanstalk as part of their Traditional Tales topic – they had great fun adapting their ideas and looking at how they could make it look like a castle. Y1&2 have been taking part in in team-building games too – a particular favourite was ‘Cat & Mouse’. They’ve also been out in the copse looking for, then sketching, signs of spring. Y3&4 have been looking at ‘The Courage of a Lion’ & been expressing their wishes for when ‘lockdown’ is finally over (these are definitely worth checking out). I walked into an upper junior class to find the children carrying out a science investigation into parachutes – it was lovely to see the children working in small teams (not based on friendships groups) cooperating with each other, negotiating the best way forwards & planning how to carry out their investigation. Our Y5&6 pupils have also been creating some wonderful Chiwara headdresses from Mali as part of their African Art topic. If you’d like to find out more please follow the link to the class pages on our school website.


On Friday 19 March we will be raising money for Comic Relief. This year the theme is Bad Amazing Hair Day. There will be a small prize for the craziest creations & zaniest hair-dos in each class. We request a donation of £1 from each pupil on the day. We look forward to seeing some weird & wonderful hairstyles! Normal school uniform should be worn.


Mrs Denton, one of our wonderful lunchtime welfare assistants, has pledged to wear a pair of custard-filled wellies(!) while she is on duty on Red Nose Day. She has suggested that the children sponsor her 20p each. It would be great if you could support her in raising money for this fantastic charity.


This week we have had 5 classes achieve 100% in their attendance this week – congratulations to Blue Class (Mrs Fortune), Purple Class (Miss Morgan), 4G (Mr Grant), 3/4M (Mrs Mowatt) & Miss Pickford’s class 5/6P. Our overall attendance for this week was 98.6%. It would be lovely to break the 99% barrier next week…


We had 8 classes who had no late marks this week: Blue Class, Purple Class, Yellow Class, 3/4M,  4G, 5D,  5/6P & 6R.  There were only 5 late marks across the whole school – let’s try & get this to zero!


On behalf of all the staff at Woodlands, I would like to thank everyone who has been wearing a face covering when visiting or entering the school site.


I re-read last week’s newsletter & realised how mundane my life has become during lockdown - I actually recommended you looked at a piece of cooking equipment on YouTube. I can hardly claim to have lived my life on the edge, but even so, telling people to watch a video about the Rational iVario Pro is plumbing the depths of mundanity. What’s worse is that I now realise I was able to name this kitchen appliance without asking Holly the Chef what it was called. What next? I’ll probably be recommending Mimi Melnick’s book ‘Manhole Covers’… They lie underfoot, embellished and gleaming. They seal off and provide entry to an underground world of conduits, water mains, power lines and sewers. They appear by the thousands in our cities, but very few people ever look at them or think about them as art.” Help...


Take care

KD Williams


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