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Summer Newsletter 2 [Friday 23rd April]

Dear Parents & Carers


We’ve had another great week at Woodlands; the new starters in our nursery class are settling in brilliantly & the children across the rest of the school are thriving. I took a prospective parent to look at our reception class earlier in the week, they were stunned at the levels of engagement of every single child in Red & Blue classes, whether they were working independently or under the guidance of a member of staff. This reflects what I see at Woodlands every single day: the children in each lesson I walk into are so focused on the task in hand, from working as a member of a team in forest school, to tackling maths problems, to producing wonderful artwork. We are so proud of the pupils in our school.


I would like to thank Mr Grant for arranging the Time Tables Rock Stars [TTRS] ‘Battle of Classes’ league which was launched this week. We had some brilliant tussles between the classes (Y1 – Y6) including an absolutely epic match-up between Miss Pickford’s maths group & Mr Grant’s which will go down in the annals history: one child score 29928 correct answers over the single week! Yes, that’s twenty nine thousand, nine hundred & twenty eight correct answers… As well as keeping track of the class battles each week, Mr Grant is awarding certificates for children who have managed to decrease the average time it takes them to answer each question; this is great as it’s not about who’s the quickest rather whether the child can speed up their knowledge of times tables. TTRS is such a wonderful website – it’s a fun way for your children to practice their times tables & associated division facts. This is cornerstone of much of the maths that they need for not only their time in primary & secondary school but life: fractions; percentages; ratio; decimals; calculating the price of a carpet for the hall, stairs & landing if the cost is £25.99 per square metre; working out how much more a month they’ll get with a 1% pay rise;  calculating out how much they’ll win if they place a £1.50 stake at 25-1 on ‘Dominic’s Day Out’ to win the 3.30 at Ascot. Find out more by following the link:


In the juniors (Y3-Y6), we have started offering the children deli-bar again as an option at lunchtime. Due to ongoing restrictions, we are having to operate this in a different way to usual – there is no buffet-style selection process for adding tasty extras (pepper, sweetcorn, tomato, cucumber, etc.) to their baguettes; this will return once the kitchen staff are given the green light by the powers that be. However, we are adding a salad pot to the deli-bar menu from Monday 26 April; the children will have an option of getting ham, tuna, chicken goujons or cheese with a delicious salad selection if they so wish. They could also simply opt for a plain salad. Each day, the children staying for school lunches can choose fruit, fat-free yogurt & water too.


Our parents evenings begin next week. If you have not booked one through the online form (which is now closed) but would like to talk to your child’s teacher about how your child is doing at school, you will have to contact the school office (01704 876444 / to see if one can be arranged. [Y3&4: Monday 26 April / Reception: Wednesday 28 April / Y1&2: Tuesday 4 May / Y5&6 Thursday 6 May]


Woodlands’ teachers continue to be impressed by your children’s enthusiasm for learning. Here’s this week’s questions to help you begin a conversation about what they’ve been up to in school:  



What different things happen to the fox in Rosie’s Walk?

{‘Rosie’s Walk’ Pat Hutchins}


Reception [Red & Blue]

What can you tell me about planet Earth?

{Space & Earth Day 22nd April}


Y1&2 [Green, Yellow & Purple]

Can you list the architectural features required in a penguin enclosure?

{Art topic: ‘Architecture’}


Y3&4 [3A, 3/4M & 4G]

What can you tell me about the location of India & China?

{Geography topic: ‘Asia: India & China’}


Y5&6 [5D, 5/6P & 6R]

In the poem ‘Spider & the Fly’, which character do you empathise with most & why?

{English topic: ‘Spider & the Fly’ Mary Howitt}


This week, we have had a not had a single class achieve 100% in their attendance this week which is a shame. Our overall attendance for this week has dropped slightly to 97.5%.


We had only 4 classes who had no late marks this week: Blue Class, Green Class, 5D & 5/6P.   There were 10 late marks across the whole school.


One final plea: please do not allow your children to walk on the painted cobblestones (placed in a circle around the silver birch tree) near the school office. In 2019, every child in school painted a cobble in response to Linda Kranz’s wonderful book ‘Only One You’. The stones have been varnished but will get damaged over time if they are not treated with greater care.


I hope you all have a great weekend – enjoy the sunshine!


Take care

KD Williams


Last word

I walked past a witch & a lion struggling with a wardrobe outside a house in my street.

I asked them what they were doing.

The witch replied, “Narnia business.”