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Summer Newsletter 3 [Friday 6th May]

Dear Parents & Carers


Next week sees our Y6 pupils tackle their KS2 end of year assessments – more commonly known as SATs. The children have worked hard throughout the year & we wish them all the best for their forthcoming tests:

  • Monday EGPS (English Grammar Punctuation & Grammar)
  • Tuesday Reading
  • Wednesday Maths paper 1 & paper 2
  • Thursday Maths paper 3


Y6 parents, please make sure your children get plenty of rest & relaxation over the weekend & during next week. Favourite meals & sensible bedtimes. From time to time, try to coax them out of their rooms to get some fresh air.


Here are the ‘nudges’ to help you find out about your child’s learning this week. My first reaction to nursery’s question was one of consternation. I know we’ve introduced a curriculum that challenges our children no matter what age they are, but studying Matisse in nursery? Really? The artist known for both his use of colour & his fluid & original draughtsmanship? Actually, it turns out that nursery’s Matisse is a snail…



Who is Matisse?

{Literacy: ‘Matisse’s Magical trail’ Tim Hopgood & Sam Boughton}


Reception [Red & Blue]

What are castles? Why were they built?

{Understanding the World}


Y1&2 [Green, Yellow & Purple]

What is the weather like in Tromso & how is it different to London?

{Geography topic: ‘Northern Europe’}


Y3&4 [3A, 3/4M & 4G]

What is the affect of heat on the particles of a solid?

{Science topic: ‘States of Mater’}


Y5&6 [5D, 5/6P & 6R]

Which professions may find an application such as Sketch Up useful & how?

{Computing topic ‘3D Modelling’}


This week our attendance is 95.3%. Well done to 3G (98.8%) the only class to break the 97% mark.


We had 6 classes who had no late marks this week: Yellow Class, 3G, 3/4M, 4C, 5/6P & 6R. We’ve 19 late marks across the whole school. 16 late marks ‘before the register closed’ – that’s before 9.20am & 1 late mark ‘after the register has closed’, that’s after 9.20am.



Enjoy the weekend.


KD Williams



Last word

I went to buy a watch,

& the man in the shop said, “Analogue?”

I said, “ No, just a watch.”

Thanks to Tim Vine