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Summer Newsletter 6 [Friday 21st May]

Dear Parents & Carers


We had a film crew at Woodlands yesterday; the programme, featuring Mary Berry, will be shown on the BBC in the autumn. We’re not allowed to say too much until just before the series will be broadcast but Holly, our wonderful school chef, & her team in the kitchen were stars!  Judging from the amount of laughter coming from the canteen, a great time was had by all! Our children were simply brilliant: they were perfectly behaved throughout – polite, respectful & well-mannered; they spoke eloquently when interviewed by the film crew; they were enthusiastic about the food on offer (who wouldn’t be?). We will let you know when the programme is due to be broadcast.  At least my room’s tidy now…


You should have received a ParentMail from on behalf of Woodlands’ Governing Body asking you to complete a survey with regards to our Relationships & Sex Education [RSE] curriculum. We would be very grateful if as many of you as possible would participate in this consultation; in the letter there is link to materials explaining our proposed approach to RSE as well as a link to the survey on Google Forms. Don’t worry, the survey itself should only take a few minutes to complete.


Here’s this week’s nudges to begin a conversation about your children’s learning.



What words would you say to the cooking pot to start & stop it cooking?

{‘The Magic Porridge Pot’}


Reception [Red & Blue]

Can you describe the different roles of a firefighter?

What do they wear & why?

Can you compare the past & present?

{People & Communities topic: ‘Understanding the World’}


Y1&2 [Green, Yellow & Purple]

Which wild plant is the most common in our local environment?

{Science topic: ‘Plants’}


Y3&4 [3A, 3/4M & 4G]

What do you know about the cities of Beijing & Shanghai?

{Geography topic: ‘Asia: India & China’}


Y5&6 [5D, 5/6P & 6R]

What are the 4 different types of angles & how would you identify them?

{Maths topic: ‘Geometry’}


This week, no classes achieved 100% in their attendance this week which is really disappointing. Our overall attendance for this week has fallen to 96.3%, again this is not what we expect at Woodlands.


We had 7 classes who had no late marks this week: Red Class, Blue Class, Yellow Class, 3A, 5D, 5/6P & 6R. There were 9 late marks across the whole school.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care

KD Williams


Last word

I tried to catch fog yesterday…