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Thank you Lucie!

Well done Lucie!


You may remember that back in January, Lucie, one of our Y6 pupils, explained to us about how she had been following the news of the devastating bush fires in Australia. She and many of our pupils were horrified at the damage to communities, habitats & wildlife. Using her initiative and thinking of a new approach, Lucie asked if we could raise money for a charity that is trying to help the koalas caught up in these fires: Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. This charity had been funding automatic drinking stations in New South Wales which helped koalas & other wildlife survive. They are also developing a Wild Koala Breeding Program to help re-establish wild koala populations in NSW.


Lucie’s idea was to hold a special event in school: children could bring in a cuddly toy for the day & donate £1 to the koala hospital’s appeal - we thought this was a great idea and many of you joined in the fun.


Lucie raised a grand total of £431.40 : an amazing achievement!


This week we received a certificate of appreciation from the Koala hospital and a lovely letter thanking Lucie (and all of you) for the donation.


We are so proud when our children are inspired to follow things they believe in and work hard to achieve their goals. In these difficult times we are hearing so many heart-warming stories of community spirit in action, compassion and understanding. With pupils like Lucie in our school community we know that our children will be leading the way!