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TT Rocks Stars!

Last Friday, 4th February, our children from Y1 to Y6 were able to take part in NSPCC Rocks, a competition organised by TT Rock Stars. Our children love playing on TTRS – it’s a fun way for them to practise their times tables. They can track their improvement in the speed that they answer the questions & each week children receive certificates if they’ve improved their response times. If your child isn’t playing TTRS regularly, please encourage them to do so; times tables are the key to so much in maths.


For NSPCC Rocks, the children were allowed to play for 60 minutes in total, each time they gave the correct answer they received a point. The children compete as individuals & classes against other children & schools across the country.


Woodlands came 345 out 2102 primary schools which is pretty good.


Woodlands came first out of all the schools in Formby which is great.


5/6P came 165th out of 60,242 classes across the country which is wonderful.


Our 3 MVPs were:

  1. Ellie in Y5 who scored 7828 points/correct answers.
  2. George in Y6 who scored 3835 points.
  3. Joey in Y4 who scored 2502 points.


Well done to all 3 children for a phenomenal effort - we are very proud of them. I also want to say well done to everyone who took part - keep practising!


Did you know?

Ellie’s total of 7828 correct answers was the 12th highest score across the whole competition! If there was an average of 25 children eligible to play in each of the 60,242 classes, then Ellie was placed 12th out of approximately one million, five hundred & six thousand pupils! Wow! Ellie answered 7828 questions in one hour, that’s 131 questions per minute, that’s 2.17 questions every second! For an hour! I’m running out of exclamation marks…


Keep an eye out for our next TT Rock Stars event.