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Woodlands Choir: first gig of 2021

The massed ranks of Woodlands Junior Choir were able to perform publicly for the first time in what seems like forever at Holy Trinity Church Hall on Saturday. They had a great time & their enthusiasm shone threw in their performances of a whole range of festive favourites.


I’d like to thank Susie from Bluebell Fayres for the invite – we hope we can come back next Christmas!


I’d also like to thank Mrs Rimmer for coaching (is that the right word? Do you ‘coach’ choirs?) our choir so superbly. The children love being part of the choir – the sheer pleasure in their faces is testament to that – no wonder it’s so popular. It’s an egalitarian group, with everyone who wants to be part of the choir being allowed to join – even my less than dulcet tones would be welcomed!