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Woodlands on the TV: 'Mary Berry - Love to Cook'

Dear Parents & Carers


I’m delighted to be able to tell you about an exciting occasion for Woodlands Primary School &, in particular, Holly the Chef.


Last summer, a camera crew arrived at school to film a segment for the new Mary Berry cookery programme ‘Mary Berry - Love to Cook’. Unfortunately, due a covid spike in Formby at the time of filming, Mary was unable to come & cook alongside Holly in the kitchen. Still, everyone had a wonderful time - the children & staff enjoyed the experience. The director of the shoot was particularly impressed with the eloquence of our children; the crew started off filming the 2 or 3 children we had pointed them towards, but soon realised that everyone they spoke was confident in front of the camera. The film crew were in school all day - it just goes to show how much work goes into making a few minutes of a TV show.


We are happy to finally be allowed to tell you when our episode of ‘Mary Berry - Love to Cook’ [episode 6] is being broadcast: 8.00pm BBC2 on Thursday 16th December.


The programme will also be available on iPlayer for a year.


We have not seen the programme so we’ll be excited to see some familiar faces on screen & also how Holly’s wonderful food looks through the lens of the camera.


We hope you enjoy it - don’t forget to tell your family & friends too!


It’s not often a school gets on national TV - I’d like to thank Holly & her wonderful team in the kitchen for being so brilliant.


Kind regards

KD Williams