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Our Y6 pupils had an amazing adventure at PGL at Boreatton Park in Shropshire. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, we were looked after superbly by Jenny, our 'groupie': singing songs as we moved around the extensive site; making sure we got to each activity on time; ensuring everyone was having a good time.


One of the objectives of our visit is for the children to push themselves to the limit - they certainly did this whilst tackling a whole range of adventurous activities: giant swing, raft-building (raft-sinking?), vertical challenge, abseiling, challenge course, zip wire.


Another important aspect of this trip was to further develop our pupils' teamwork & positive approach to problems. It's one thing being able to work together to solve a tricky maths problem in class & a totally different experience constructing a raft that will carry 12 people! The staff from PGL (& Woodlands) were consistently impressed with the support each child received from their peers - it wasn't about who reached the top or completed each activity the quickest - it was about challenging themselves to achieve more then they thought they could. Our children's enthusiasm also shone through.


The children were wonderfully behaved during our stay, whether listening carefully to each instructor, behaving brilliantly in their rooms throughout the night or having fun without going over the top. They were a real credit to themselves, their parents & their school.


We hope you enjoy the photos.