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Year 6's Final Flings @Woodlands

Y6 signed off the year in style with a wonderful discopicnic extravaganza! The children had a great time dancing, playing games & eating food - what more could you ask for?


We have been so please to be able to have our Y6 pupils back at school, spending their last few days at Woodlands before embarking on their next adventure at Range, Formby, Birkdale & Merchant Taylors high schools. It has been great to see them again.


We wish them all the best for the future – we know they will do us, and their families, proud. They have made a positive impact on life at Woodlands in a variety of ways: house captains, playground pals, ecowarriors, sports leaders, tech crew, lunchbox monitors, school councillors. They are the very best of Woodlands.


It was lovely to be able to continue with our traditional annual prize-giving, with awards being made for a range of categories:

  • Linacre Shield for Performing Arts
  •  Kailash Puri Our World Shield (Eco award)
  • Hassall Shield for Courtesy, Consideration & Common Sense
  • O’Leary Mathematics Award
  • Studdard Award for Creative Writing
  • Mockler Awards for Sporting Endeavour
  • Joy Bailey Award for Visual Arts
  • Citizenship Award


On their last day, they were able to have a final camp fire & eat their last s'mores at Woodlands!